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The Glimpse of Saigon


    Start Location: Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)


    Time: Available from 8:00AM to 19:00PM


    Period: 2 hours


    Price: 65 USD/pax (Min: 2 persons)


    Includes: Vespa, gas, tour guide, entry tickets and driver, cold water.


    To have a glimpse of Saigon with its hide-away characters/cultures/ that are not normally seen on classic tourist route. The tour includes visits to:


    glimpse saigon


    • Tao dan park to visit bird lover club: Morning only (6:00AM-9:00AM).
    • Thich Quang Duc monument
    • Quick stop at Flower market
    • Chùa Ông Bổn Pagoda: Nhị Phủ temple
    • A walk through the fabric/tailor material alley: without buying
    • Chinese medicine street market: Brief about “Thuốc Bắc”/”Thuốc tàu”



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