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Pros And Cons Of Night Golf In Vietnam


    The golf hobbyists today can enjoy playing golf day and night in this beautiful S-shape country whenever they feel like because most of the famous golf courses in Vietnam are well-appointed with the modern light systems. While some sites are being furnished with lights, many others are planning to have lights installed to suit the golfers’ increasing demands.


    The Twin Doves Golf Club, Tan Son Nhat Golf Course in Saigon and Van Tri Golf Club, Kings Island Golf Resort, Long Bien Golf Course in Hanoi are the five outstanding examples offering the night golf. You can play golf there from 3:30 PM to 11:00 PM every weekday evening. In fact, Vietnam today has many golf destinations equipped with the functional life systems for the players to enjoy using the club to hit the hard ball in an interesting manner. Wow, can you hit the ball into the desired holes under the lighted spots? Try it out! In fact, playing night golf involves some pros and cons that the serious players should bear in mind.


    Van Tri Golf Club




    First of all, when playing night golf in Vietnam, you can tee off anytime in the afternoon with no worry that the golf courses will close when the dark comes. Yes, just take it easy to finish the 18 holes or more even at night because the courses are now lightened up thanks to the high-end light systems. It’s the comfort and convenience of this offer encourages people to golf victoriously.


    Another pro of playing golf at night is that your skin is not influenced at all. The skin will not be darkened or aged because of the UV effects. What a wonderful advantage for both male and female golfers! Besides avoiding sunburn or any other skin problem, the night golf helps the players feel less tired than playing in the daytime since the temperature becomes cooler when the sun goes down. What’s more, the last pro lies in the green fees. Regardless of the higher electricity costs, the green fees are, in fact, lower at night. So, you can save some dollars and cents for later play.




    Though playing night golf is enjoyable and memorable, it triggers some cons to point out. The biggest disadvantage may be the ability to see and estimate distance in the dark, especially for the amateurs. Despite the golf courses look incredibly attractive and spectacular in the daytime, some of their parts may become invisible because the electronic lights cannot replace the sunlight thoroughly.


    As you are in Vietnam, a tropical nation, it’s likely to meet bugs and insects at night in some regions even though the golf courses have tried to prevent the courses from the unwanted insects. This disadvantage is just in case you find them.


    After all, whichever time of day that you feel like golfing in Vietnam, just call the golf operator to book the tee time at night! Whether you’re the domestic or foreign players, the Vietnam golf courses will light and open their doors awaiting you. Since we all share the robust passion for this expensive yet value-for-money sport, it draws us closer and closer to Vietnam golf.


    Twin Doves Golf Club



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