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Hanoi Golf – Where History Meets Modern Golf Industry


    Hanoi, the Vietnam’s capital, preserves the long-standing and honorable national history that is incorporated into almost every corner, from the age-old houses to the narrow alleys packed with the antique shops and temples. Referring to golf in Hanoi, people can play this modern sport right in the middle of the historical capital with the twelve fantastic golf courses.


    Old and Modern Golf Courses in Hanoi


    There are now twelve golf courses in Hanoi for the players to explore and visit. Amongst the twelves significant names, some first establishments are King’s Island Golf Resort (opened in 1993), Chi Linh Star Golf & Country Club (opened in 2003), Phoenix Golf Resort (opened in 2006), Van Tri Golf Club (opened in 2007), and Tam Dao Golf Resort (opened in 2007).


    King's Island Golf Resort


    The old golf tracks can co-exist well with the modern establishments such as Ruby Tree Golf Resort (inaugurated in 2008), Dai Lai Star Golf & Country Club (inaugurated in 2010), Heron Lake Golf Course & Resort (inaugurated in 2010), Song Gia Golf Resort & Country Club (inaugurated in 2011), Sky Lake Resort & Golf Club (inaugurated in 2012), Long Bien Golf Course (inaugurated in 2014), and Legend Hill Golf Resort (inaugurated in 2015). As you see, Hanoi is rich in golf courses and services that ensure you find the good places to book the preferred tee times and then use your clubs to hit the ball into the holes precisely.


    It will take time and effort doing research about the strong and weak points of each golf course in Hanoi so that you finalize the best-suited choice. While some select the 27-hole Long Bien Golf Course due to its footlight system and well-appointed clubhouse, the others may choose the 36-hole King’s Island Golf Resort to admire its unique Vietnamese touch and long history. Along with that, several golf fanciers do visit Chi Linh Star Golf & Country Club on their way to Halong Bay while some energetic golf souls stop by the Phoenix Golf Resort to contemplate “the Halong Bay on land” (this course owns the stunning setting).


    Chi Linh Star Golf Country Club


    Hanoi Golf Tours


    Hanoi might be thousands of years old, but its golf industry is not as long as that period. Therefore, the golf tours in Hanoi often combine the old golf tracks with the modern golf courses. The purpose is to give the visitors the exact feeling for the Hanoi golf. People appreciate both the traditional golf establishment in 1993 to the latest one in 2015. Though these courses have the different levels of history, newness, technological advancement, design, etc., they are all ideal enough to fulfill your golf interest.


    Besides golfing, the Hanoi Golf Tours often include the short city tour that lets you sightsee the most famous attractions in the city namely the Hanoi Old Quarter, Temple of Literature, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, One Pillar Pagoda, Hoan Kiem Lake, etc. Due to the length and program of your golf tour, the reputable travel agents will plan out the logical itinerary for you to play at the particular time range. They will book the tee times on behalf of you. Otherwise, if traveling as the independent golfers, just call the preferred golf courses directly to book your round! With many standard golf courses, Hanoi is worth being an excellent stopover for the golf holidaymakers who are going on a Vietnam golf vacation.


    Hanoi City



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